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Hydrophobic silica application- plasticClumping of thermoplastic particles is prevented by mixing the particles with finely divided spherical titanium filler. After blending the mixture with titanium filler retains its free-fowing property during prolonged storage.

Spherical titanium filler can be incorporated for use where ever clumping, agglomeration or moisture presents a problem in connection with the handling or use of thermoplastic polymer particles.

It has worked best for Interpolymers of Butadiene or other dienes and Styrene or Acrylonitrile. Spherical titanium filler is very good Impact modifiers for  PE and PVC (i.e. CPE systems)

Spherical titanium can also be applied to,

·         Polystyrene

·         Polyvinylidene Chloride

·         Polyvinyl Chloride

·         Polymethacrylic Esters

·         Polyacrylic Esters

·         Expanded Polyethylene particles

·         Polyacrylonitrile