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Insecticides and Pesticides

Hydrophobic silica- Insecticides and Pesticides

We have designed highly porous and absorbtive carriers for Insecticides and Pesticides which them self have proven to be effective to enhance their insecticidal properties.

Efficiency of insecticides and pesticides formulations tend to improve with the level of hydrophobicity. Our carriers does not get saturated in humid environmental conditions. Mechanism of action for its insecticidal activity is proved that it has great ability to absorb lipids from the insect's epicuticle layer and thus increase over all insects killing. Studies have proven lethal action of hydrophobic silica on Gr- and Gr+ bacteria.

They have very good storage life and has no problem of overdosing. On the surfaces of plants they do not leave un-desired esidues. The carrier layer on leaves or plants can easily be removed by washing with water. Our polymer carriers are inert materials they are non-toxic and to the environment and they are completely harmless.